best2find, Personalberatung
17. August 2017
Job Type
187.500 € Jahresnettogehalt


Judgement Ability

  • Able to determine future vehicle design direction according to design trends, guide company’s future product styling design direction
  • When face with emergencies, able to withstand the pressure, and make appropriate plan to guide the problem resolution

Planning Ability

  1. With keen in sight of styling trends, able to make company future 5 - 10 years styling development strategy
  2. Able to combine with company current status to (guide) establish styling DNA application strategy and implement it in actual vehicle model
  3. Guide team to participate in product planning stage, and propose styling suggestions and requirements combine with market, styling and other factors
  4. Guide team to participate in general layout stage, able to propose suggestions and requirements to complete vehicle size combine with styling aesthetics, and guide to verify complete vehicle posture by styling methods

Professional Ability

  1. Participate in the review at various styling stages, able to give proposals to complete vehicle, detail, refinement perception and other aspects, able to guide relevant directors and designers to improve professional ability, guide to establish recurrence prevention program
  2. Listen to various directors’ report of the area they responsible for, able to find problems quickly, and guide to solve by appropriate methods and tools

Talent Training Ability

Able to find current designers’ deficiencies, and able to organize directors and management people conduct guidance work against each designer

Team Management Ability

Able to use various tools and methods to encourage team morale, make sure the team always maintain efficient cooperation

Project Management & Control Ability

  1. Able to plan styling schedule combine with project overall schedule, reach to various node targets with the application of different tools
  2. Able to promote various styling and engineering problem solving combine with process and engineering current status; ensure the styling quality and make sure to achieve various node targets at the same time

Market Attention Ability

With management thought, able to guide designers conducting styling design work combine with market information and product positioning, make sure styling meet the market needs, guarantee to achieve business objective.

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