The right employees for your success

Job advertisements are usually formulated in an objective way and are limited to technical and professional requirements. The essential content what the job is really about can hardly be communicated. Therefore the wrong candidates often apply for the job, since the right candidates do not feel addressed. As a result we contact potential candidates on a different level.

We define with our client a conscious profil which includes not only the professional requirements but also the expected values.

This includes all the important information about the company, the position, the desired personality and the existing environment. Now the right candidates, which feel addressed to those values, react to our job advertisments. Those candidates identify themselves with the tasks and the company. Especially in times of shortage of skills professionals and an increasing volume of inappropriate job advertisements we guarantee an optimal job matching thanks to our methods.

Time is money. Therefore we act fast. We start with our search within 24 hours after the order confirmation. We have more than 10 years of recruitment experience, are trained in the latest research technologies to scan the entire world wide web for your ideal candidate. In most of the cases we are able to present the first profiles within one week.

We would be pleased to strenghten your success with employees, which are enthusiastic about your company.

Your advantages at a glance

  • A wider choice of profesionnal suitable candidates thanks to the latest research technologies
  • Succesful resonance for their vacancies, even for positions which have not reached the desired results so far.
  • Clearly faster occupations of your open vacancies
  • Gaining employees with the right motivation -> the best employees for your company
  • More success thanks to new highly engaged employees

Our satisfied customers

“One never has the impression that best2find only seeks for the placement of a vacant position. The striving balance between the requirements to occupy a position and the skills of a candidate, which at the end leads to the success of a company and the satisfaction of the new employee, cleary is the focus of best2find.”
Ralph Clemens Martin, management board, EMIRAT AG
“best2find and especially Mrs. Beutnagel convince not only through professionalism but also through their social competences and her exceeding friendly and positive nature. She is a good listener, knows when to ask the right question in the right moment, to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate.”
Andrea Bargholz, authorised officer, EMIRAT AG
“Spontaneous, fast and super committed. Mrs. Beutnagel is great!”
Reinald Bednara, Vice President, Capgemini Munich
“So far best2find has presented us 4 candidates, with which we are still in the interview process. We are about to offer a contract. The response time and the support of Mrs. Beutnagel and Mr. Hörold are excellent. I would like to thank them for the good collaboration – They have proved regularly, to be one of our favourites suppliers!”
Alexandra Ohlert, HR-Marketing & Recruiting, Capgemini Munich
“The team of best2find has supported us to occupy essential key positions within the expected time in our company thanks to a professional approach and deep industry knowledge. The high level of patience and objectivity during the identification and evaluation of potential candidates were hereby the crucial success factors. We are very satisfied with candidates from best2find, some of them cannot be measured with money.”
Oliver Zehn, COO, iCrossing GmbH
“With best2find we found a very competent personnel consultant, which could deliver us rapidly suitable profiles to our open IT vacancies. Thanks to a careful preselection some candidates could be directly invited and the open vacancies could be occupied within a few weeks. We are pleased to also collaborate with best2find in the future.”
Tanja Ganzenmüller, Team Leader HR, Scout24 Services GmbH
“best2find supports us with the search for specialists in the field of engineering. We really appreciate their openness, the quality of their consulting und the provable success. PS: At least we are very satisfied ?”
Maik Kunzelmann, Managing Director, VISUPROJEKT GmbH
“We would like to thank Mr. Hörold for the continually professional collaboration over the last years. It is elementary for our group of companies, that our partners consciously internalize our uniqueness and that they find Europe-wide employees for us, which want to experience this uniqueness.
In all those years they have truly succeeded in fulfilling our expectations and therefore we would like to thank them! Dies ist Ihnen in all den Jahren Bestens gelungen und auch dafür unseren herzlichen Dank!”
Gerold Wolfarth, General Manager, ::: bk Group – The only Turnkey-Solution-Supplier for Retailers in Europe :::