best2find – the 3 pillars of our philosophy

Our values:
We have an open and honest relationship with our clients and applicants. We do not make a promise which we can not keep. If a company has unrealistic expectations and perceptions about the market, we clearly point them out and try to find realistic solutions. Applicants also receive a honest feedback about their current career opportunities. It is our slogan firstly to put the cards on the table and secondly to find out together which solution the best would be.

Our claim
We always aim to create a win win situation. This means we try to find an employee with the requested skills and talents which is excited about the company and the open vacancy. As a result the candidate is a true win for the our client and can develop ideally in the new position.

Out motivation:
Employed people spend most of their time working, whether their are self-employed or employed. It lowers the life quality drastically and affects the human health and happiness in a long term if the job and its surrounding do not satisfy the employee. We are convinced that everyone should do a job which is satisfying and where the commitment of an employee is appreciated and respected. This is the base for long term success on both sides, for the employer and the employee. We want to contribute to this success.

This is what we live:

  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Fairness

Our Team


Vera Beutnagel


After she graduated with a Business Degree in Economics at the Mannheim University, she gained several years of experience in the field of human resources and IT consulting. In 2005 she founded the recruitment agency best2find.

Guiding principle:
The conscious placement of highly qualified employees requires besides the objective criteria a lot of professional and personal sensitivity with common values and attitudes regarding performance and responsibility, work and life quality.


Arun Kohli

Managing Director

With his experience from the international business world at executive levels and his expertise as a Senior Coach & Trainer for Personality Profiler (LPP), Arun Kohli offers a unique service in the field of executive recruiting. His special understanding of the issues outside of qualifications and competencies when selecting suitable candidates at C-level make him a valuable and reliable partner when it comes to HR consulting for companies. As a coach and trainer for intercultural communication, he has helped numerous companies and individuals to cope with uncertain situations in everyday management and to master international business relationships.